Our Services

Main Service

  • Direct Carrire Billing and PSMS methods are avaliable.
  • Very good payputs.
  • Art of work platform.
  • We have partnership with Big DCB providers and aggregators.
  • HE and PIN flow methodology are available.

SMS Services

  • SMS2TV: we are now doing very intensive contacts and connections with brand TV’s in the MENA Area to have a lot of TV’s to be with us.
  • service description: we will get authorization letter from the proposed TV’s to open SMS code for this service,with medium rate, the Customers will see the code on the TV and send their SMS to TV.
  • The more fun in this service will be chat offline via the TV’s. by requesting to chat the nicknames, and after this nickname give his ok for the request then the chat will be offline via the TV.
  • SMS requesting Tones, logos, picture SMS with all types of the requests, we are building contracts with more than 2 production companies to have their content with all of its Types, coded this content, to be posted on our Database
  • service description: We will do promotions for the customers to have this content on their mobiles, by sending their request via SMS short code with medium rates, and we will send them back their request.
  • SMS games: we will use this technology for gaming
  • service description: we will get SMS code from Jawwal, and on this code any one can send keyword to participate, and then we will send him MT reply that what kind of challenge questions he want, 1easy, 2 medium, 3 hard, and then he can send Q and the level number or A and the number level, if he send Q and the number level then he will post question, in that level, and if A and the level number he want to answer question, then we will do randomly the picking of the questions, to be answered, if he answered right then he will got an other question till 5from that level, and will got cash prize, if he fail he will quit, and the question he let him fail will got Prompt SMS to continue the levels, and so on.
  • The prizes will be cash and will be determined later on.
  • Horoscopes SMS service: we are almost doing contract with Brand astrologist, and then open short code for this service. And this service will be two types:
  • service description: the customer will send subscribe in this service to get his daily horoscope, or he can send his birth date and we reply him MT SMS by his horoscope in that day, or he can send to inquire about the expectations for the year, or the relations etc, and he can also send more details to get special answer for him then we reply him within 24 hours the answers.
  • We can do this on two SMS short codes one for the inquiries and one for the subscribing.
  • Jokes: there will be content for this service form regional and local providers, for this service.
  • Service description: there will be promotions on this service, the customer will send keyword to get jokes, or he can subscribe monthly bases to get each day jokes. And the customer can order it for friends.
  • Cook and home info: there will be content for this service from our content department, which will be collected from books.
  • Service description: the customer will send key word for getting cuisine description, and also he can post any home activities questions.
  • Beauty: there will be contact with specialist in this field. To generate proper content about beauty.
  • service description: the customer has 2 options to send keyword and we will send him the menu, or can ask direct by code about the subject.
  • Seasonal competitions: this type of services will be seasonal and in accusations like Ramadan, New Year etc.
  • service description: there will be SMS short code and the customer send keyword for this short code to participate in the competition, then we will start send him questions, this type of services may be one level with one question or two or three levels, this will depend on the competition subject. The prizes will be cash.
  • Continuous competitions: this type of services will be continuous, on the year.
  • Service description: the customer will send keyword, and they we reply with question and so one this service will be with 5 questions mainly. The prizes will be daily bases and cash.
  • Control and securityIt will be the fist type of services will be offered for customers and for businesses also.
  • service description: this type of services will be specially designed for each case, mostly it will be used for alarming, in case there is security system. Also it can be used to control your home or business or factory as integrated system with other parts in project.
  • Financial Services:this type of services gives the customers more flexibility, and freedom to proceed and be informed with financial issues like stokes bills, buying, selling, etc.
  • service description: they customer can sell any thing via sending SMS by the goods he has and the prices he want, from our side we will send SMS to all in the groups about this, after we do the necessary checks, and also he can buy any thing he want after sending SMS by his request. Also he can send keyword we send the menu for him, he can check stokes prices, he can sell, he can buy, he can buy his bills via SMS via financial system we are going to set it for customers, its details will be informed later on.
  • And this will be via our intelligent system and via special website of selling bulk SMS, and the consultancy.
  • This type of services will be like SMS2TV, but it will be directed to Radios, and here we mean regional radios.

Other Services

  • it is Audio Telecom Service that enable the customer to call and follow the answer machine and interact by entering on the keyboard of the phone or the mobile his options and get data as response in the form of Audio or text sms.
  • it is Multimedia content that can be interact and display it or streaming it over the mobile.