.Universe Telecom LLC is Telecommunications Product, Telecom integrator, and Services company,. Since its inception 2007, Universe Telecom is focused to provide Telecom products, and Service that fit the accelerated market needs. UT is active in telecommunication industry, product development and integration.

To form the brightest brand over the world in the field of ICT, with the best reputation, and professionalism. providing our stakeholders as individuals and as business with wherever, whenever, whatever needs and wants, using the most efficient , & updated enjoyable Information telecommunication technology ideas ,solutions products and services.

Our mission is to provide high quality telecom products and services, via the update technology we invest in, with help from our best professional qualified, employees, taking in account the client and the customer satisfaction using our services and products. Not forgetting our social responsibility via our programs and services.

On the corporate level UT strategy will be growth using concentration strategy, on the business level UT will follow both cooperative and competitive strategies, on the functional level, UT has drawn more than strategy in collection these strategies will support the corporate and business level strategies.
The main part of our corporate strategy will be the strategic partnership with Jawwal and Paltel, from one side and with Service and content providers from the other side, converting our strength in this industry to success, and while we are win-win case business model, this means success for every one who will be with us in partnership

To meet & overcome challenges of managing and developing large and complex information systems for our valued customers. Our team works closely to get the most recent updated Information Technology, and many others to meet the specific project requirements.

  • Established in 2007
  • Start Operations in 2007
  • Build the team and the system in 2008
  • VAS License July 2009
  • Connectivity with Jawwal 2009
  • Launch the first SMS services in 2009
  • Connectivity with Paltel in 2009
  • Launch IVR services in 2009
  • Connectivity with Wataniyah Mobile in 2010
  • Start our Business Solutions in 2011
  • Start the Bulk sms Business in 2012
  • Hosting services in 2013
  • Launch innovative ideas made In-House in 2014
  • International integrations agreements in 2015
  • Mobile applications 2016